VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Headset (3D Glasses) – Review 2017/2018

Virtual reality is now reality in 2018!

From just being a concept in the twentieth century, virtual reality has come knocking with its thrilling experiences which now tend to change the very notion of 3D gaming and entertainment.

For the uninformed, virtual reality is an immersive experience where the user is tricked into imagining that he is in a world different from where he is physically present in.

VR SHINECON VR Headset is equipment used to provide this immersive reality experience and these are popularly used in 3D gaming and movie applications.

Manufacturers are now coming up with headsets that show promises of taking the visual experiences of “VR glasses” to an altogether different level. The VR Shinecon review intends to look at one such headset that is compatible with Android and iOS devices to watch 3D movies, videos and play games.

VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Headset – Best Features

  • This headset uses mind-blowing VR technology to convert your smartphone into a medium for virtual reality. The headset has a 360degree viewing and gaming.
  • The VR Shinecon headset is compliant with any android and iOS gadgets which have 4.0 – 6.0inch screen.
  • The design element is that of a very convenient 3 adjustable straps (Elastic Band Design) which takes off the pressure of the headset on the bridge of your nose. It also comes with a Super Face Foam protector which has been designed with a heat dissipating design that protects your face.
  • This VR headset makes use of Fresnel lenses with a decent focal length which eliminates the need for continuous manual adjustments.
  • The object distance adjustment has one convenient key to control.
  • The high definition optical resin lenses do not use any stimulation plastic sheet and do not require any adjustment. The headset comes with a compartment to hold regular prescription glasses.

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The Pros and Cons of VR Shinecon Headset

The VR Shinecon has quite a few positive points to its designing and technology. They are:

  • This headset comes with radiation protection and therefore there are no side effects for your eyesight and face.
  • The use of good quality lenses ensures that there is not much visual fatigue and dizziness and eliminates the possibility of mobile heating.
  • It is comfortable to use anywhere and in any position and gives the user the convenience of privacy along with good visual 3D experiences.
  • This headset is a good choice for movies, videos, and games.
  • The VR Shinecon is suitable for any latest smartphone making it a very versatile gifting option.
  • The materials used in the headset are environment friendly.

Some negative points:

  • The headset comes with a compartment to fit prescription glasses. But this is barely enough to fit in glasses whose frames are wide, that is, they should be less than 5”. If you have a slightly wider frame, it won’t fit into the headset, which means the visuals cannot be enjoyed as much by people who require glasses for viewing.
  • The VR Shinecon lacks a trigger button to interact with the apps. The wearer must use a Bluetooth gaming controller to do the same.
  • The VR Shinecon app is not convenient to use because the headset comes with 2 QR codes which take the wearer to a website that does not have an English version and to another website asking the consumer to download yet another app to find games and other content that can be used with the headset.
  • The manual hardcopy is mostly in Chinese, with very little instructions in English and the VR Shinecon app, which the manual prompts you to download does not have an English text. This is very inconvenient and figuring out the proper VR apps to play with comes after some trial and error attempts.

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How does the VR Shinecon headset fare in comparison with other VR headsets in its range?

For starters, this is a good quality headset which is competitively priced. Though, there may be initial misconceptions of its functions and features because of a lack of proper instructions in English, it works fine when compared to the plastic feel given by a Google cardboard. The quality of the VR Shinecon is very good and it is a very comfortable and stylish product to use.

The headset with its ergonomic hands-free design can be worn on your head comfortably unlike other VR sets which have to be held by hand most of the time.


The VR Shinecon review is intended at highlighting the features, pros, and cons of this headset. It is a very convenient product which is economically priced.

It takes some time to figure out the nuances of the product because of lack of a clear instructions guide, but once you figure it out, the VR Shinecom provides for an enjoyable 3D gaming and movie experience.

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VR Shinecon Virtual Reality Headset


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