Review: Marching to 10K Steps with My REVO Walking Pad Treadmill

The REVO Revolution

So, I took the plunge and grabbed myself a REVO Jogger Walking Pad Treadmill a few months back, and let me tell you, it’s been a walk to remember (pun intended).

Designed for both the home and office, this sleek machine promised an easy path to hitting my daily step goal. Spoiler alert: it delivered big time.

The Lowdown on REVO

REVO isn’t just any treadmill; it’s a compact, foldable powerhouse that allows you to walk or jog up to 4 mph. Perfect for those of us who prefer Netflix marathons but also want to keep moving. Plus, it’s whisper-quiet, so you can walk without turning your living room into a gymnasium.

Why REVO Stands Out

  • Portability: Folds for easy storage, making it a space-saver’s dream.
  • User-Friendly: Comes with a handy remote, making adjustments a breeze.
  • Durability: It’s built to last, accommodating users up to 6ft 6in and 300 lbs.
  • Tech-Savvy: Features a built-in LED dashboard to track your progress, with 12 workout modes to keep things fresh.

Living with REVO

It’s ridiculously easy to use; just unfold, power on, and control the pace with the remote. The initial investment of $499 might raise eyebrows, but thanks to a sweet discount (use code LAKESHORELADY for $110 off), it feels like a bargain over time.

Performance Check-In

So far, REVO has been a trooper—no technical glitches or wear-and-tear issues. It’s early days, but I’m optimistic about its longevity.

Walking and Working: A Balancing Act

Surprisingly, multitasking on REVO is more doable than expected. Typing? No problem. Writing with a pen? That’s a circus act I’m yet to master. My daily routine now seamlessly blends work with wellness, and even on chilly Chicago days, I’ve got my walking fix covered.


Not much to moan about, except wishing the remote was a tad more intuitive and the machine a bit lighter. It’s technically portable, but I’ve relegated it to a permanent spot by my desk due to its heft.

Final Verdict: REVO, A Step Above

Would I recommend the REVO Jogger Walking Pad Treadmill? In a heartbeat. It’s an innovative solution to the sedentary lifestyle many of us are trapped in, especially during those home office days. Just don’t expect to pen your novel while on the move.

Ever tried typing up a report while on a treadmill? Share your multitasking triumphs (or fails) below!


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