Playstation VR Bundle | Virtual Reality – Review 2017/2018

The “PlayStation VR” is a virtual reality headset developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Experience the next generation virtual reality gaming experience with the technology and design that has been the buzz of the market in the months prior to its release in 2017.

In fact, virtual reality is the next big thing to hit gaming technology ever since the transition of 2D games to that of 3D gaming experiences.

The Play Station VR Starter Bundle is a head-mounted display/ a virtual reality headset, which promises to take the virtual reality gaming experience to an altogether different level. It is designed to be fully compatible with the PS 4 video games console.

This virtual reality headset is the culmination of Sony’s penchant for impressive gaming and head- mounted technology.

The Best Features of the PlayStation VR Bundle:

These features are what get you started for an impressive gaming experience once you buy this playstation VR bundle

  • This device has been designed primarily for gaming and comes with a ‘Games Come First’ tag. It provides for simulated gaming experiences which transport you to an altogether different world.
  • The Advanced VR Display is what enables smooth visuals with clarity. The OLED 1080p displays provide a wonderful visual experience with neary120 frames per second that are seamlessly blended.
  • The 3D Audio Technology that comes with the PlayStation VR paves way for clear audio signals and pinpoints the exact location from where the sound is coming.
  • Another important feature of this VR headset is the Just Plug and Play feature which keeps things simple and getting started becomes easier.
  • There is a Dual Shock 4 wireless controller and a PlayStation Move motion controller that can accurately pinpoint your natural movement in the virtual space.
  • The PlayStation VR headset comes with an Industry Leading Design which ensures that the device is balanced, adjustable and comfortable.
  • The cinematic mode provides image simulation in virtual space and provides a full 360 degree images and videos.
  • The PSVR can produce two different images simultaneously with one image for the headset and the other for television viewing.
  • The other features include Share Play and Live from PlayStation which are compatible within the headset.

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The PlayStation VR bundle comes with a lot of positive features which make it a good choice for gamers. Virtual reality technology in the current gaming scenario is more impressive and less of nausea inducing because it transports the gamer into a cool make-believe world. The device’s design and technology has its own advantages and negative points.

HERE you can Download the USER MANUAL too.

Some advantages of the PlayStation VR:

  • It provides for an extraordinary and exclusive virtual reality gaming experience.
  • The visuals are stunning and engaging and keep you hooked to the impressive experience that the device provides for.
  • The audio technology is one of the best in the industry and the precision of timing and direction makes for a unique gaming experience.
  • The set is light, comfortable, and convenient to use.
  • The headset is not fastened tightly around the face. Therefore, irritation due to sweat and continuous use is relatively less.
  • The instructions are quite clear and the ease of use makes it a very attractive option to choose.
  • The unit comes at a relatively affordable price.
  • The choice of games is very good, attractive and engaging.
  • The performance of this VR headset is everything that it promises to be, with stunning visuals and audio that give it an almost PC quality performance.

   Some negative points of the PlayStation VR Bundle:

How much is PlayStation VR, when compared to the other brands in this segment? It may relatively be cheaper; but does this low-price mean any compromise in quality and features? Let us take a look at some of the drawbacks of this product.

  • An area which needs improvement in the PSVR is the resolution. The visuals tend to get a little blurry sometimes. The OLED displays show promise with the television. However, when the display is magnified or projected in front of your eyes, there’s light leakage which may affect the quality of the image.
  • The frame rate of 120 per second does give an exciting virtual reality experience. However, it can sometimes cause visual reality- related nausea and motion sickness in some people.
  • The PSVR requires a PlayStation Camera which has to be purchased separately in order to get the full virtual reality experience.
  • There are complaints that the designing is a tad bit complex and first-time users of VR headsets may find it a little complicated to figure out the set-up in the initial stages.
  • Another limitation for this product is that it requires a continuous dedicated power-supply.
  • The designing which is not tight-fitting, can break the immersion experience.
  • This is wired headset and needs to be connected to the gaming console to be able to play. This calls for unsightly cables in the room.

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Most of the so-called drawbacks are only in the initial stages of set-up and can easily be overcome.

How does the PlayStation VR bundle fare over the other competitors in the market?

This is a product that is very lightweight and comfortable to use. It may not be sleek and stylish like a few other brands, but the designing is very convenient. This is one headset that can be used comfortably for a long period. The soli headband of this product as compared to the fabric headbands does a good job of providing adequate support and easily paves way for the adjustment of the distance between the display and the headband.

The PlayStation VR headset by Sony, is wired and must be plugged-in to a PS4 console in order to be used. It differs and in some ways, is better than a few other brands, because it provides a cable that is lengthy enough to allow the gamer to be seated at a convenient distance from the television.

How much is the PlayStation VR leakage of light likely to affect the visuals? When compared to other brands in the segment Sony seems to have put in a thoughtful design where the light leakage does not seep into the headset and makes it uncomfortable to wear.

This makes the product comfortable to use over a long period.

The product is a little complicated for the novice, unlike a few other brands which are relatively easy to use and handle even the first time around.

That said, the difficulty is only during the first use after which the handling is easier.

The Sony PlayStation VR headset is affordable compared to a few other brands which offer the same functions for a higher price.


The PlayStation VR is a product which is high on features and low in price. That it does not offer a camera to go with the headset is a limitation but not a big one when compared to the features that it offers. The gaming experience is amazing and the convenient designing ensures that you can play for a prolonged period.

It provides a decent impressive experience that is cool as it sounds. This product from Sony is probably the best bet to offer a wonderful virtual reality experience at a really affordable price.

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