The Best and Most Recommended PC Gaming Headset List – 2022/2023

Playing games online, be it on your phone or your personal computer, can be fun and addictive. It has the potential to take you to a different world.

Developers came up with graphics so good that it made you believe you were in that world as you were playing the games.

But these visuals required you to look at them directly and focus, for you to enjoy the graphics to the fullest.

Top 5 Best PC Gaming Headsets for 2017/2018:

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Now with the development of technology, you have virtual reality headsets which transform you to the 3D world as you are playing the games. The virtual world is brought to you like never before and you can have a gaming experience like you never imagined.

These VR headsets can be worn and wherever you turn, this virtual world is what you will see. This is because your head movements are tracked.

There are a number of such headsets sold in the market today. With one manufacturers competing against each other to give you the best, it can be confusing to buy a single headset. Here is a list of the best PC gaming headset, to help you choose wisely.

  1. Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality Headset

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Designed with the user’s comfort in mind, this Oculcus Rift VR headset from Oculus offers a brilliant 3D atmosphere.

Be it for a game you are playing or a movie that you are watching this headset transforms you to the other world within seconds with its state of the art displays.

The optical system is designed in such a way that you have a wide angle view of the visuals. The low latency period, the precise tracking system and the integrated audio only adds to the sensation and enhances your overall experience of the 3D world.

When you are wearing this headset and playing a game, you would feel like you are in the virtual world and this takes the whole gaming experience to a new level.

This headset not only feels good when you wear it, but also looks good. Along with the game controller and Lucky’s tale, this is a whole package waiting to be enjoyed by the game enthusiast in you.

  1. Play Station VR

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Play station, the name is unanimous with games. J

ust like its various gaming experiences, the PlayStation VR is also designed to give you the best gaming experience ever.

It boasts of an advanced VR display which transforms you into a visual world that feels as real as it can get.

The 120 frames per second and the 5.7 inch OLED display only enhance the visual treat.

The package consists of a VR headset, a connection cable, a HDMI cable, USB cable power cord, adapter, demo disc and stereo headphones as well. All you have to do is plug your head set and the camera (sold separately), into your play station 4 and you are all set to enjoy a gaming experience like never before.

It is not just 3D visuals but the audio is also 3D, thereby enabling you to experience the sounds from all angles. With this headset, you are bound to have an overall 3D experience and forget the reality.

  1. Samsung Gear VR

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Worried about wearing a heavy headset all through your game?

Yes wearing something heavy through a long and interesting game can be uncomfortable and this is why you have the lightweight Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset.

Now you can be more comfortable and use this gear for a longer period of time without having to take breaks in between.

The virtual world is brought to life with the wide angle view and low latency period. The headset can track your head movements very precisely and shift the visuals accordingly. It comes with a touch pad which allows you to use the various controls with just a simple touch. This headset provides comfort all the way.

When you are wearing eye glasses, you are bound to miss out on most of these experiences but not so with Samsung. This VR headset is designed in such a way that you can wear the headset over your glasses and enjoy the virtual world, just the same. The fit is better and there is additional padding to offer extra comfort to the user. Good visuals along with great comfort, simply summarizes this device.

  1. HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System

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When you are playing a game with great visuals, the experience is totally different and very rewarding.

With a VR headset, not only can you watch great visuals but you can experience them too like you are in the virtual world, personally.

The HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System is designed keeping all the gaming requirements in mind, so that you are given a whole new gaming experience.

You can move the object in the virtual world like you would in the real world.

There are two wireless controls that can be held in each hand and you can physically move things around in the virtual world. It feels like just an extension of your own hand.

The headset is built with a superior tracking system that tracks all the movements of your head and eyes. Whether you are standing, sitting or moving, this system tracks it all precisely. This head set is powered by Steam VR, which is very well known for its numerous games. Now you can enjoy them all in a virtual reality mode.

  1. Oculus Touch

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VR headsets are flooding the market and the newer developments are set to improve your gaming experience.

It is not enough if you are provided with the best visuals alone. Virtual reality has more to it that just a treat to your eyes.

The Oculus Touch is a set of controllers that work with your Oculus Rift headset.

With these controls you can use your own hands in the virtual world, to move things around. This is light, easy to use and feels just like an extension of your hands. The finger movements and the gestures required to use these controls are so natural, that you will feel like you are using your own two hands in the game.

Paired with the Oculus Rift headset that is sold separately in the market, this device can give you a real time experience of your virtual world.


There are many devices and accessories in the market, when it comes to virtual reality. When you choose the best PC gaming headset, you will get a whole new experience which will be worth the money spent on these expensive items. If you are a gaming enthusiast, living in your favorite world is just an experience you should not miss.

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Most Recommended PC Gaming Headset