Samsung Gear VR Promotion Price and Review – 2017/2018

The virtual reality headset is taking the world by storm.

It enables watching your favourite video, TV channel, movie etc., in private.

This causes lower disturbances for the people around you. It offers you the exclusive experience.

It is a great gear especially if you are traveling or outdoors. The gear provides the experience of watching a 3D movie.

The experience is up-close and personal. TV, movie, video viewing has come a long way since the days when family members used to sit together and view while they chatted along and snacked.

Samsung gear VR bundle is gaining incredible popularity. It is a plastic shell, where you can place the smartphone, put it around your eyes. Now, all you have to do is sit back and gain the VR experience.

For starters, Samsung Gear VR Promotion Price is kept low to attract as many enthusiasts as possible. If you want the VR experience at a reasonable price and already own a Samsung smartphone. This is a great gadget to own. We have given below a complete review of the gear VR bundle to assess if it is best suited for your needs.

Best features of Samsung Gear VR (Promotion Price included)

Some of the best features of the product are mentioned below –

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Light weight and compatibility – It is a lightweight plastic shell which enables placement of galaxy smartphone. This will enable you to experience the oculus powered gear VR bundle. It is compatible with Galaxy note 7 as well. There is a modular connector with micro USB adapter and USB – c which enables the compatibility. It succeeds the popular Gear VR formula which stirred the Gear VR bundle market. The gear is compatible with Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S7, and S7 Edge. All these use the micro USB port, hence, you will have to use the adapter in case of these smartphones.

Download the User Manual for Samsung Gear VR HERE

Reasonably priced – it is priced under $100 which makes it a great gear to own. It gives you the same experience of a VR without investment in a PC-based headset. The other expensive gear VR bundles from HTC Vive or Oculus rift offer the same experience. The gear is priced lower primarily due to Samsung Gear VR Promotion, the price may be upped after it gains a foot hold in the market.

Design and finish – This new gear VR bundle has a near midnight black finish, which lends sophisticated and sleek look. There are no major changes in the controls and the settings aspect of the gear. It stays similar to its predecessors. There are a few iterative control fixes which enable the gear to be compatible with new generation galaxy phones. The earlier models of Samsung gear VR bundle were white in color. The black-blue finish is a welcome change.

Controls and settings – The touchpad which offers the controls for volume, menu etc., is a large screen. The screen size is bigger than the predecessor. There are also the physical control buttons – Home, volume and back buttons. There is a underside charging port for the phone that you will be connecting. You can use either the USB-c or a micro USB with adapter.  The adapter is provided as part of the gear VR bundle to enable you to use the previous charger (micro USB).

Performance – For the price at which it is being offered the gear VR bundle performs pretty decently. With galaxy smartphones the Samsung Gear VR uses 2,560-by-1,440 screens. This lends a great resolution. However, the earlier versions of Samsung phones were not built for the VR gear and hence, the smoothness of the motion is not like in the case of other high-end VR gears.

Negative points to Note

Samsung Note 7 under the radar – With the recall of note 7 units, Samsung has seen a heavy beating in terms of branding. There is a sense of apprehension which prevails over Samsung products. This gear VR bundle was primarily designed to be compatible with note 7, the future of this product remains questionable.

Low processing power – This gear VR bundle offers a 60 Hz refresh rate which is quite low compared to some of it’s peers. The vive and rift offer 90 Hz of refresh rate which makes it a pleasant experience to watch on the VR. The processing power is also quite low compared to it’s high rated peers. This is attributed to the lack of gaming PCs which is a primary requirement for high processing power. There are also external sensors which are missing in the Samsung gear VR bundle.

Web browsing not making the mark – The VR gear does not excel in creating a great web browsing experience. The page shifts and loads are quite cumbersome. There is no VR experience that is attached to web browsing. It is starkly similar to the virtual desktop experience.

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Advantages over competition

Reasonably priced – The immediate competitors for the product are highly priced. They do offer greater capabilities for the price offered. However, Samsung gear VR promotion campaigns are keen to showcase the lower price and great features it offers. For amateur enthusiasts who already own Samsung phones, this gear VR bundle can come in handy.

Compatible with many Samsung smartphones – Most of the VRs available are not compatible with a range of smartphones. You need to ensure that the VR gear you are investing in will be compatible with your smartphone. Else, the gear could go an utter waste. This gear VR bundle is compatible with most of samsung’s smartphones including the older versions.

Sleek and sophisticated design – There is a marked improvement over the color and design. It has a sleek and sophisticated finish. The controls and features are elitist. Especially, the color is a marked improvement over it’s predecessor. The other gear VR bundles have decent finish but Samsung scores over them in terms of the finish and thoughtfully designed touchscreen pad.


The experience of using the gear VR bundle from Samsung entirely depends on your smartphone. If you are using the latest version of Samsung, then it may give you a great VR experience.

There are some specific improvements to this headset that has been made such as the viewing angle is now 101 degrees compared to 96 degrees earlier. The tint is darkened to reduce the reflections. The screen also is anti-glare now. The new viewing screen puts it on a higher pedestal along with the high-end VR gears.

This is an affordable VR headset which offers great functionalities and screen viewing experience. This functional and accessible gadget is great for those who are mostly outdoors. The provision to make it compatible to both USB-c and micro USB with adapter is a very thoughtful feature. This feature expands their gamut of customer base to many customers with older Samsung smartphones.

If you have already purchased the older Gear VR version from Samsung, this version has nothing new to offer. Except for a few design level changes and sleeker finish, it sticks to it’s traditional settings and controls. This gives you a great VR experience without investing heavily in a PC hardware driven gadget. The competitive products are heavily priced. If you have a passing interest in this type of gadget, you should consider buying the gadget while samsung gear VR promotion price is still on.

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