The Best VR Bundle | Samsung, Playstation, HTC Review – 2017/2018

Virtual reality games have come a long way from the very first prototypes that were very expensive and limited in their capacities.

Now you can order your VR goggles online or walk into a store and pick one up. So whether you want to smash your opponent in the virtual world or watch a movie or go to some great destinations you can do them all standing right inside your living room.

Call them VR goggles, HMDs (Head mounted devices), VR headsets, they all refer to the same thing. Irrespective of the names, they all perform the same function catering to different requirements.

These headsets require either a powerful PC or supporting processing unit to handle the amount of graphics. Buying them separately can be expensive and so if you want to save you money you can buy a VR bundle.

Our TOP 3 Most Recommended VR Bundles for You! (2017/2018)

We have done a thorough research and handpicked three of the best options for your VR gaming and here is a quick look at their features to help you decide which one will suit you the best. 

Best 3 VR bundles:

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  1. PlayStation VR Starter Bundle

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Coming from the house of Sony is the Playstation VR headset to give you a real life experience in the virtual world.

Though the headset does not come with the motion controllers, when you buy it as a bundle it still works out cheaper than other headsets.

The headset is equipped with a 5.7” OLED display with a resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 120 frames per second to give you high quality images.

What is 3D without an equally supporting audio? The VR goggles also come with integrated 3D audio for real life-like sounds that will coincide with the direction of the objects moving inside the virtual space.

The Move motion controllers use a combination of motion sensing and light tracking to convert your real world actions into the virtual world. It also has a vibration feedback to give you a realistic feeling of your actions.

The PS VR bundle also comes with a PS 4 camera which not just takes pictures but also tracks movement and gives you more freedom while gaming with facial recognition and voice commands.


  • A futuristic and stylish design
  • Due to its price point it is the most affordable VR headset out there
  • Very easy to set-up and uses the already familiar PlayStation system
  • Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Easy to wear even with glasses


  • Immersive play not as good as its competitors
  • Latency in movements can be felt especially when turning around 

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  1. Samsung Gear VR

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If you are still very new to VR gaming and want to try it before investing in more expensive headsets, then the Samsung Gear VR is your best bet.

The headset is compatible with a range of Samsung phones which can be connected via the USB port.

It also comes with microSD card and pre-installed VR content. The headset comes with a trackpad with touch controls.

However, you can also upgrade it with a Bluetooth gamepad for better gameplay.

The lightweight headset is easy to wear and adjust as it comes with adjustable straps. There is also enough room inside for those of you who wear glasses. On the top is a slider with which you can adjust the lens distance. The Gear VR is also quite stylish with a molded finish and is very comfortable to wear, with a layer of foam that rests on your forehead.

All in all, this is a great buy if you already own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone instead of shelling out a lot more on expensive VR goggles.


  • As it uses smartphones to power, it is very portable unlike other VR goggles
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5, S7 and S7 Edge
  • A wide field of view at 101 degrees
  • Very light compared to other HMDs, weighing only 0.7 lbs.
  • A huge selection of apps and videos to give you hours of fun and entertainment


  • No motion tracking ability
  • Only compatible with Galaxy smartphones

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[amazon box=”B00VF5NT4I” ]

The HTC Vive bundle comes with two motion controllers, two lighthouse base stations, ear buds and two free games.

The Vive’s display has a high resolution of 1080 x 1200 per eye with a refresh rate of 90 Hz to give you the clearest of images.

The front-facing camera helps merge real and virtual worlds for augmented play.

The headset itself is equipped with a gyro-sensor, an accelormeter and a laser sensor, all of which work together to track the position of the head.

As for the motion tracking, there are two wireless IR lighthouse cameras which work together with the sensors on the motion controllers and the sensors on the headset to give a seamless experience.

The two controllers come with a trackpad, buttons and a pressure-sensitive grip letting which translate actions into natural movements in the virtual space.

The headset fits comfortably on your head and has very good adjustments for the eyes. There are multiple eye relief adjustments like being able to adjust the lens distance and the IPD (Inter pupillary distance) which is the distance between your eyes. Using the headset with your glasses on is very easy too as you can use the straps to adjust the fit.


  • Extremely good head tracking
  • Good translation or real world actions to the virtual world
  • The high-resolution display offers some captivating visuals
  • Long battery life


  • No built-in head phones
  • Requires a powerful PC
  • The installation process is a bit tricky and can take some time and effort     

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If you love VR gaming and don’t want to settle for anything but the best, then you will definitely have to move from simple VR glasses to VR headsets to feel the difference. Upgrading to VR goggles also does not mean you have to dig deep into your pockets or compromise quality over price.

Our top three picks will quench your thirst for real life-like experiences be it gaming or watching movies or going places in the virtual world. There is one for every budget and every gamer. Go ahead and make one yours.

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