Homido Virtual Reality Headset – Review 2017/2018

The transition from 3D to virtual reality is happening and is capturing the fancy of gamers and gaming designers alike.

The Homido VR Headset is one gadget which promises total immersion and wonderful VR experience to its users.

How far has Homido VR succeeded is something you will get to know once you have a low down on the best features and functions, the positive and negative points of the product.

The Homido VR review intends to do the same. This virtual reality headset is a high quality, elegantly designed product which seems to virtual reality gaming highly affordable. It is a mobile VR headset which is compatible with most mobile phones.

The best features of the Homido VR headset:

  • The VR lenses used in this headset are Custom Made 100degrees FOV (field of view) lenses.
  • The lenses have both farsightedness and near sightedness settings.
  • This is mobile VR headset which is compatible with most android and iOS smartphones.
  • This product is wireless.
  • It comes with an interchangeable face contact foam.
  • The optical settings have IPD (inter pupillary distance) and immersion adjustment features to them.

The V2 version is an upgrade of the original Homido VR headset and has a lot of plus points in its designing and technology.

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The Pros of the Homido VR:

  • It has a very good field of vision.
  • The lenses used are specifically designed for virtual reality and the headset comes with an extra pair of lenses to accommodate people with both near sightedness and farsightedness. It is a big plus that this set comes with a very good quality lens cleaner.
  • The phone holder is very easy to use and comes with an adjustable clamp that can accommodate almost any recent smartphone.
  • The nose cushion is very comfortable and helps to ease out the pressure on the nose when worn for a long time.
  • The straps are adjustable and sit comfortably around your head without creating much discomfort.

This mobile headset is wireless, which means it can easily packed and unpacked. The case holder that comes with the headset is classy, comfortable and light enough to be carried around.

  • The optics are adjustable and the device can conveniently be used by adults and kids alike.
  • Another important advantage of the Homido VR headset is that it has enough room to comfortably accommodate prescription glasses.
  • There is a trigger or an action button which is designed to operate all touchscreens and an important feature for those wanting to play interactive virtual reality games and use VR apps.
  • The price is competitive and reasonable when compared to the thoughtful features and functions of this device.
  • Another big attraction for this wireless mobile headset is the set of accessories that have been thoughtfully provided by the manufacturers. The list of accessories includes one pair of lenses, a soft carrying case, a head strap, two contact foams or cushions for your face, a lens cleaning cloth, and a user manual.
  • The ease of operation is a big advantage. The instructions are pretty clear and it’s simple to put your phone inside the head set case and start to operate it without much hassle.

The cons of the Homido VR headset:

  • The frontal tray for the phone or let’s just say the hinged front door which accommodates the smartphone is tricky. This flaw in the design sometimes has the risk of your phone falling and getting damaged when you are in the middle of a highly active game.
  • A few may find the frontal part of the headset heavy and may be a little uncomfortable and tough on the bridge of the nose despite the cushioning.
  • The action button is nothing but a rubber tip which extends to touch the screen.
  • The foam pad used for cushioning effects is pretty thin and therefore impacts the comfort factor after a period of time.

The Homido VR app is not very exciting and doesn’t feature many exciting videos or games to kick-start your virtual reality experience. The 2 apps that can be downloaded Homido centre and Homido player have games, videos and virtual reality movie trailers that are not really interesting. You may have to look at other app and gaming options to put the headset to an exciting use.

  • There are not many interactive options which make the virtual reality experience a rather flat one.
  • There have been complaints that this mobile headset is not very durable and cannot perform consistently when used many number of times or continuously.
  • There are also complaints that your prescription glasses unless slim and narrow cannot fit into the headset easily.
  • When compared to other mobile headsets this product seems pricey.

How does the Homido VR fare when compared to other VR headsets?

The upgrade that Homido V2 offers is good and reliable. It has all the benefits of a wireless model when compared to the messy wired ones. This mobile headset can be played with, till your battery comes down. The recharging is simple and basic.

It is a lot sturdier and made of tough materials when compared to the cardboard headsets, and is designed to accommodate rough use.

The comfort factor is also more in this headset when compared to the Google cardboard or other mobile headsets.

The pricing is high when you compare it with a cardboard or any other mobile headset for that matter. But, the features and functions that this headset offers sets it apart.

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The Homido app is somewhat a let-down. The options are not very snazzy and exciting. You may have to rely on other apps. The headsets from other brands like Samsung, Sony, or even the Google Cardboard games seem to have more exciting options.

Download the User Manual at: [PDF] virtual reality headset – Homido

There are some interactive games that are touch-sensitive and the Homido’s trigger button may not be very helpful in playing such games. Juxtapose it with other headsets like the Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR, the latter seems to accommodate the interactive features in the VR games more conveniently into your smartphones via the Bluetooth.

To play highly interactive games with the Homido headset, a Bluetooth controller needs to be purchased additionally to enable interaction with your smartphone without touching the screen. Though, Homido has its own Bluetooth gamepad at a very reasonable price, it is only android compatible.

However, it seems almost unfair to compare the Homido VR with other VR headsets which work well on a PC. Both the platforms are different and need to be viewed differently.


This is a great wireless mobile headset which fulfils all that it promises. The Homido VR headset is well-designed and reliable when compared to other mobile headsets in the segment. It gives a good virtual reality effect and makes for an excellent viewing and gaming experience which isn’t exorbitantly priced.

That this headset is compatible many recent models of smartphones and the ease of installation needs a worthy mention. Also, this is one VR headset which is entirely focussed on smartphones and mobile VR.

The device is very comfortable and easy to use. It may have its share of weaknesses, but when compared to the thoughtful features and functions that accompany it, it seems worth the price one pays for it.

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